【So Sweet】梁靖琪一家三口慶祝囝囝Roman出世100日 (11:29)



梁靖琪以英文留言:「April 4th marked your 100th day!! What a true blessing to have you in ours lives little one Know that MaMa & DaDa Sze loves you to the moon and back and you are a true gift to us. Promise us you'll grow up a happy chappy always. Love you RoRo! #BabyRoRo #MuchLove #Bless」大致意指4月4日是囝囝Roman的第100天,擁有一個小朋友真的很感恩,兩公婆對囝囝的愛足以來回月球,要永遠快樂地長大。